Each seasonal year (9/1 - 8/31), club coordinators are responsible for registering all club personnel with the Vermont Soccer Association (VSA). The VSA uses the online program GotSoccer to manage its registrations. Once all players are uploaded, all appropriate forms and fees must be sent to VSA in order to complete your club's registration for the season. Please not that this includes recreational program.  Please follow the steps below to register your teams and/or club with GotSoccer or contact the VSA office if you have further questions. The registration process is complete when you have finished all items on the Vermont Soccer Association Membership Registration Checklist and submitted the appropriate payments to the VSA Office. All payments are due upon the time of registration.

 1. Change player status

Login to GotSoccer via your club account. Set all players, coaches, and managers from previous seasonal year to "inactive" (otherwise the system will charge you for those players)

 2. Upload NEW club personnel to your club GotSoccer account

Create a new registration event in your club account and send a link to all of your players/families so that they can register themselves (instructions) OR complete a bulk upload using the VSA .csv template. Specific instructions for completing a bulk upload can be found here.

 3. Upload photos

If your teams need player passes, every player, coach, and manager must have a picture uploaded to his/her individual GotSoccer account.

 4. Complete coaching background checks

All coaches and team managers must complete a background check through GotSoccer. They cannot be added to a roster until their background check is approved.
*To speed up this process, please include the coach or manger's full legal name, middle ininital, and photo

 5. Next steps...

- Assign your players, coaches, and managers to their team
- Enter your teams into "Vermont Soccer 2015-2016 Registration" event
- Fill out the VSA Registration Submittal Form and send to the VSA Office with a check for the amount of your total registration fee (fee breakdown is provided below under "VSA Registration Fees"
- Send copies of birth certificates for new players or any players in your account who don't appear as "verified" (all verified players have a yellow highlighted lock symbol next to their name)
- Send a signed Zero Tolerance Policy and a signed Club Officer Form to VSA
- Request VSA player passes when you have completed all steps above
***VSA will notify you when your passes are ready to be picked up. PLEASE ALLOW 2-3 WEEKS FOR THIS PROCESS

Please read our Registration Manual for more information about the benefits of registering with VSA. For additional details about the registration process (click here).

Registration is considered complete when ALL of the items on the checklist below are complete:

_____  Register all club personnel in Gotsoccer (upload pictures, assign to teams)
           *pictures are only required for teams that need player passes

_____  Background checks completed for coaches and team managers

_____  Register teams for “Vermont Soccer 2015-2016 Registration”

_____  Submittal Form and check sent

_____  Birth certificates (or proof of age) for unverified players provided to VSA
           *birth certificates are not required for recreational players

_____  Signed Zero Tolerance Policy and Club Officers Form sent to VSA

Registration Forms:
Registration Submittal Form

Coaches Code of Conduct
Zero Tolerance Policy
Club Officers Form
Age Matrix

Gotsoccer Registration Instructions
GotSoccer Registration Instructions via Registration Event

GotSoccer Registration Instructions via Bulk Upload

GotSoccer Upload Template

New Club Registration
New club affiliation

New club application

Club Officers Form

 VSA/VSL Important Dates




November 1 & 8

Olympic Development Team Tryouts

Tree Farm Recreational Facility

November 21

VSA/VSL Annual General Meeting

Windjammer Conference Center, So. Burlington, VT

December 4 (5pm)

President’s Cup Application Deadline

Submit to VSA Office

December 4 (5om)

VSL Division 1 New Team Applications Due

Submit to VSA Office

December 4 (5pm)

VSL Division I New Team Applications Competition Committee Review

VSA Office

January 8 (5pm)

Division I Team Registrations, Rosters, Player/Coach Fees, Club Forms Due

Submit to VSA Office with fees

January 5 (5pm)

State Cup Applications Due

Submit to VSA Office with fees

January 20

VSL Division I Competition Committee Bracket Review – For all Club Coordinators with D1 teams.

VSA Office

February 8 (5pm)

VSL Team Registration/Fees Due (Dll, Dlll)

Submit to VSA Office with fees

February 17

VSL Division II/III Competition Committee Review

VSA Office

March 8 (5pm)

Division ll/lll Rosters, Player and Coach fees, Club Forms due

Submit to VSA Office with fees


VSL Draft Schedule Posted

VSA Website


VSL Schedule Revisions Due with Stacking

Submit to VSA Office


VSL Final Schedule Posted

VSA Website

May 6 (5pm)



May 6 (5pm)

Kohl’s American Cup Applications Due

Submit to VSA Office with fees

April 30 / May 1

VSL Opening Weekend


May 20 & 22

State Cup Preliminary Matches

Tree Farm Recreational Facility

May 27-30

Region 1 Presidents Cup


June 1

State Cup Finals

Tree Farm Recreational Facility

June 11

Kohl’s American Cup

Tree Farm Recreational Facility

June 12

Kohl’s American Cup

Tree Farm Recreational Facility

June 30- July 5

US Youth Soccer Region I Championships

Barboursville, West Virginia

July 13-17

President’s Cup Championship

Tulsa, Oklahoma

July 25-31

US Youth Soccer National Championships


No highlighting = VSA Events

Gray highlighting = VSL Events