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The following information pertains to the Vermont Soccer League (VSL) registration process. Please note that in order to register for the VSL your club must be a member of the Vermont Soccer Association (VSA). Out of state clubs who are interested in participating in the VSL, please contact the VSA Office directly for more information.

To successfully complete the VSL registration process, club coordinators must register teams in the VSL using their club GotSoccer account. Additionally, club coordinators must submit the appropriate forms and fees to the VSA office. More detailed registration instructions are provided below. If needed, please contact the VSA Office for further assistance. We are happy to help. 


 1. Enter Your Teams via GotSoccer 

*Please be sure to build your teams properly in GotSoccer FIRST, including all current division and age group information (for league play, assign U8, U10, U12, etc... instead of single years).  

A- Log in to your GotSoccer Club account and select the "Club" tab, then "Teams" and then under "Register Teams in" select "Vermont Soccer 2019-2020 Registration" from the drop-down menu. Click "Select" and then put a check next to all teams you wish to enter into registration (all teams in the VSL MUST be registered). Then click "Enter Selected Teams." 

B- Again, in your GotSoccer Club account, select the "Club" tab, then "Teams" and then under "Register Teams in"  select "VSL Spring Season 2020" from the drop-down menu. Click "Select." Then, moving along ONE TEAM AT A TIME, check the box next to the team, select that team's desired age/fee group and division.  Take care to select the correct age/fee group for every single team! Click "Enter Selected Teams". Repeat this process with each team to ensure proper placement. As teams are entered correctly, they will disappear from your list.


2. Complete Registration Submittal Forms 

A- Complete the VSL Team Registration Submittal Form and send to VSA Office with a check made payable to VSA no later than February 5, 2019 (December 9 for D1 Teams).

B- Complete the VSL Player/Coach Registrational Submittal Form and send to VSA Office with a check payable to the VSA.  Player/Coach fees for the 2019 season must be submitted no later than March 5, 2018.  For players/coaches who join after that date, please submit a new form and payment for those players/coaches. 

     Team:              $75/Team U8-U19  (not including Target United Cup                                                 Registration)
     Player:             $30/Player U8-U19

     Staff:                $25/Background Check
     Club:                $25/Club (annual club affiliation fee)


 3. Submit Payment for Referees

In late June, after all VSL games are completed, VSA will send an invoice for the each club's referee fees. Referee fees are shared by the home and away teams.  The fees below are the cost per team for each game. Example:  For a U8 game, the home team will pay $12.25 and the away team will pay $12.25. 


U8: $12.25 

U10: $19.75

U12: $23.25

U14: $59.00

U16: $67.50

U19: $76.00


VSL Registration Submittal Form

Division I New Team Application

VSA Player Submittal



December 9, 2018 (5pm): Division I Team League Registrations Due (Teams registered in GOTSoccer, Team Submittal Form and payments due to VSA office)  

December 17, 2018 (5pm): Division 1 Rosters, Player and Coach fees with VSA Player Submittal Form

February 5, 2019 (5pm):  Division 2/3 Team League Registration Due (Teams registered in GOTSoccer, Team Submittal Form and payments due to VSA office)  

March 5, 2019 (5pm): Division ll/lll Rosters, Player and Coach fees with VSA Player Submittal Form