Inclement Weather Policy
Vermont ODP makes every effort to conduct its program as scheduled.  In case of inclement weather, Vermont ODP may have to cancel or postpone an ODP session.  That information will be posted on the VSA/ODP website at  The team managers and coaching staff will be notified and emails sent to each player/family.  Please make sure to provide your team manager with your cell phone number.  If the determination is made that an ODP session is cancelled within 2 hours of the scheduled start time, then phone calls will be made to player/family cell phones.

If a session has started and unexpected changes in the weather force cancellation, we will update the website with the cancellation information and notify parents by calls to contact cell phone numbers to arrange pick-up of players.

Cancellation may be required if snow or ice makes reasonable transport to the location hazardous for our players/families.  Additionally, when there is heavy rain, there exists potential for irreversible damage to fields if played upon.  Cancellation may also be required if permission to use fields or facilities is revoked by the governing authority. 

In the event of a cancellation, Vermont ODP will make every effort to reschedule.

When lightning is spotted or thunder is heard, all players and team officials are to proceed directly to cars or a safe building.  Everyone must remain in a safe location until at least 30 minutes have passed since the last clap of thunder or sighting of lightning has been observed before returning to the field. 

VT ODP Concussion Procedure and Protocol (.doc)
VSA Concussion Resources (.doc)
ODP Concussion Parent/Athlete Information Sheet (.doc)

ODP Club Recruitment Policy
Vermont ODP players are fortunate to play soccer with players from various clubs throughout the state.  Our players must be free to participate in ODP activities and events without any club solicitation.  ODP players may not be recruited, or enticed, from the ODP setting to a club they are not currently registered with, either by the player's ODP coach, or any other coach, manager, parent, player/peer or team representative at any time.  ODP contact information may not be used for solicitation throughout the season nor during the VSA open player recruitment dates.