What is the appropriate age pool for my child?

ODP categorizes players into age groups by birth year.

Age Group Birth Year
U12 2006/2007
U13 2005
U14 2004
U15 2003
U17        2001/2002

Will my participation in ODP conflict with my participation with my club team?
ODP is designed to supplement club training. However, there are times when conflicts arise. We work closely with our local clubs to minimize conflicts.  Yet, when they occur, we ask our participants to adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. ODP training takes precedence over affiliated club practice
  2. Affiliated club game(s) take precedence over ODP training
  3. ODP games take precedence over affiliated club practice
  4. ODP Tournament (showcase) game(s) take precedence over affiliated club games and tournaments
  5. Region I games/events take precedence over ODP and affiliated club games/events

Where can I find additional resources for more information about the Olympic Development Program?