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Certification Documents


Being a Grassroots Referee in Vermont

Referee Certification/Recertification Registration & Training * * Critical for 2020

Referee Points of Emphasis & Checklist for 2020 (These items are high priority in each and every game you do.) 

IFAB Practical Guidelines for Referees

VSA Lightening Policy

2019-2020 IFAB Changes

Laws of the Game at a Glance 2019/20

Laws of the Game Changes and Clarifications 2019/20

Vermont Soccer League Rules

VSL Divisional Rules & Guidelines

Small-Sided Rules

VSA Guidelines for U11 Heading

2019 VSL Age-Specific Rules

VASL & Elite 8 Rules 2019 VSL Assignment Instructions (FAQ'S)

Vermont Amateur Rules for Indoor Play

VASP Laws of the Game

Elite 8 Soccer League Rules

2019 VSL Assignment Instructions (FAQ'S)

2018 Got Soccer Assignment Presentation (This presentation will give you the knowledge you need to successfully navigate the GotSoccer assigning website.  If you run into any problems or have questions, contact Craig Iverson,

Information for New Referees (You will find a checklist for new referees and a link to several very good short videos to watch before starting your outdoor season, as well as, information about purchasing your new uniform.)

Uniform Ordering Flyer

Advice for New Referees

Build-out Line Rule Clarification

New Referee Checklist 2019

Vermont State Referee Committee Mission Statement

Vermont Soccer Association Zero Tolerance Policy