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Each seasonal year (9/1-8/31), club coordinators are responsible for registering club personnel, players, and teams with the Vermont Soccer Association (VSA).  The VSA uses the online program GotSoccer to manage its registrations. All three groups are created in GotSoccer by the club and then submitted to the VSA. 

Once all personnel, players, and teams are uploaded, all appropriate forms and fees must be sent to VSA in order to complete your club's registration for the season. Please note that this includes recreational programs. 

Please follow the steps below to register your teams and/or club with GotSoccer or contact the VSA office if you have further questions. The registration process is complete when you have finished all items on the checklist below and have submitted the appropriate payments to the VSA Office. All payments are due upon the time of registration.

 1. Change player status

Log in to GotSoccer via your club account. Set all players, coaches, and managers from previous seasonal year to "inactive" (otherwise the system will charge you for those players)


 2. Upload NEW club personnel to your club GotSoccer account

Create a new registration event in your club account and send a link to all of your players/families so that they can register themselves (instructions) OR complete a bulk upload using the VSA csv template


 3. Upload photos

If your teams need player passes, every player, coach, and manager must have a picture uploaded to his/her individual GotSoccer account.


 4. Complete coaching background checks, concussion course, and sexual abuse training

All coaches and team managers must complete a background check through GotSoccer, and complete the CDC online Heads Up Concussion Course. They cannot be added to a roster until their background check is approved and the online course is completed.

*To speed up the background check process, please include the coach's or manager's full legal name, middle initial, and photo

**New in fall of 2018: All Club Staff must complete sexual abuse training.  Directions for completing this process will be made available soon**



 5. Next steps...

A.) Assign your players, coaches, and managers to their team

B.) Enter your teams into "Vermont Soccer 2018-2019 Registration" event

C.) Fill out the 2018 Fall League TEAM Submittal Form & Invoice (spring league will be available in November) and send to the VSA Office with a check for the amount of your total registration fee

D.) Email or bring to the office copies of birth certificates for new players or any players in your account who don't appear as "verified" (all verified players have a yellow highlighted lock symbol next to their name). Please do not upload birth certificates to GotSoccer as that is very time consuming and will slow down the process for your club

E.) Send a signed Zero Tolerance Policy and a signed Club Officer Form to VSA

F.) When the entire process is complete, the VSA will release rosters and player passes will be printed for travel teams. 


Please read our Registration Manual for more information about the benefits of registering with VSA.

Registration is considered complete when ALL of the items on the checklist below are complete:

_____  Register all club personnel in Gotsoccer (upload pictures, assign to teams)
           *pictures are only required for teams that need player passes

_____  Background checks completed for coaches and team managers

_____  Register teams for “Vermont Soccer 2018-2019 Registration”

_____  Submittal Form for teams and check sent

_____  Birth certificates (or proof of age) for unverified players provided to VSA
           *birth certificates are not required for recreational players

_____  Signed Zero Tolerance Policy and Club Officers Form sent to VSA

Please see the Important Dates section of our website so you don't miss important deadlines!

Registration Forms:


Gotsoccer Registration Instructions


New Club Registration