Kohl's US Youth Soccer American Cup  
The Kohl's US Youth Soccer American Cup provides recreational youth soccer players an opportunity to experience a consistent and high quality statewide tournament in a fun, family-like atmosphere. It fosters stimulation and excitement about soccer in an effort to increase the recreational players interest in and love for the game.

It is the Kohl's American Cup philosophy that all players should receive equal opportunities and benefits within their level of play. All players have the right to participate in competitions where they can develop and exhibit their skills while enjoying themselves. The Kohl's American Cup provides recreational players this opportunity and places emphasis on participation, as opposed to competition.

Event Details

Non-results oriented soccer festival for U8, U10 & U12 boys & girls teams.  U8 teams will play 5v5, U10 teams will play 7v7, and D2/D3 U12 teams will play 8v8. Matches will be 25 minutes long. All teams are guaranteed 3 games.

The team fee for this fun event is $150 for teams who are not participating in VSL.

All U8 and U10 teams who participate in the VSL spring league will have their entry fee built into their league fees and paid by the VSL. D2/D3 U12 teams may register individually. The Vermont Kohl’s American Cup will be their final league play weekend. ALL teams still need to register via the link below in order to be placed on the schedule. Deadline for team entries is May 1, 2015

Registration deadline is May 1, 2015. Click HERE to register your team.  Please use your TEAM username and password to log in and register so that you do not create a new team account.  

U10 boys & girls and U12 boys and girls games will be held on Saturday, June 6, 2015. U8 games will be held on Sunday, June 7, 2015 at the Tree Farm. SCHEDULE CLICK HERE

2015 Kohl's American Cup Rules
Download Kohl's America Cup Rules (no changes to rules from 2011)