Upcoming E License Course for Coaches



MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE (March 25-26, 2017) 

Saturday March 25 9am-6pm and Sunday March 26 9am-6pm


All coach candidates must:

Register HERE at VSA ($125.00)


Register HERE at USSF ($25.00)


The National E course is an 18-hour course, typically held over one weekend, which covers the elementary principles of coaching and prepares interested coaches for the National D course.  The course consists of a series of lectures and field sessions, and attendance is mandatory for the full duration of all course meetings.



The National E course is open to all applicants who hold a U.S. Soccer National F license and who are at least 16 years of age.


Initial Assignments

All coursework for the National E course will be completed in the Digital Coaching Center (DCC). Before the first course meeting, all candidates must complete the following assignments:

  - Team Management

  - Laws of the Game

  - Prevention and Care/Concussion Awareness


Target Outcomes

 - Develop the core coaching competencies necessary to effectively teach the 9-12 year old athlete and team

 - Understand the characteristics and needs of an athlete in the Basic Stage of US Soccer's Long Term Athlete Development Model

  - Demonstrate competency in planning an age-appropriate training session.

  - Understand concepts and recognize the principles of attacking and defending in a small-sided environment.


Digital Coaching Center

The US Soccer Digital Coaching Center (DCC), is a state-of-the art online educational platform.  The DCC allows coaches to create a personal profile, register for courses, communicate with technical staff, take part in online courses, create session plans with an online graphics tool, access an archive of US Soccer training sessions and much more.