New Vermont 2013 final



pdf Zero Tolerance Policy

After extensive research, the Vermont Soccer Association Board of Directors adopted a Zero Tolerance Policy in 2007. A new Zero Tolerance Policy policy expands on the prior policy. This policy will help bring to awareness that it is everyone's responsibility to be watch guards for abusive conduct. This policy is to be signed by each member club annually.

pdfRecruiting Policy

Over the years player recruiting has grown into a problem for players and clubs. Though the State does have player release rules, we did not have a formal recruitment policy as most states. This policy was adopted in 2006 .

pdfLightning Policy

Should lightning become an issue during any Vermont State Cup game, the following policy outlines the rules and procedures that will be followed.

pdfRisk Management Policy

Vermont Soccer Association has adopted a Risk Management Policy that is consistent with US Youth Soccer's Kidsafe Program. The goal of this policy is to communicate and develop guidelines that offer a safe environment for kids to enjoy the game.

pdfConcussion Policy

Vermont Soccer Association has adopted a Concussion Policy encompassing 6 primary components to ensure player safety as a top priority. The goal of this policy is to increase awareness of concussions and implement guidelines for appropriate management. 

usyslogoConcussion Procedure

As an affiliated member of US Youth Soccer, Vermont Soccer Association complies with all policies and procedures set forth by the overarching organization. This procedure outlines information regarding concussion management.


pdfPossible Concussion Notification


pdfCoaches Conduct

The Vermont Soccer Association Board of Directors and leaders of affiliated leagues are concerned about the conduct of all coaches and referees during games at all levels, from recreational to premier to ODP. Our mission is to ensure that all games are fair, positive, and enjoyable experiences for the children and adults involved. 


Region 1 Policy for ODP Pool Players

Players selected to the regional pools in July must play in their state ODP the following year to be eligible to participate in any Regional international or domestic event, both boys and girls. Click here for full policy.